Exploring the Intersection of Conservation and Human Well-Being: The Work of Miranda Sisson

miranda sissons

Conservationist and social scientist Miranda sissons is interested in how environmental protection might improve people’s lives. Her research is concerned with the social and economic issues that influence conservation success and the effects of conservation on local populations.

Background and Education

Miranda Sisson was up in rural Georgia, where she developed a deep appreciation for the environment and a commitment to protecting it. She completed her undergraduate studies with a BS in Biology at the University of Georgia and then went on to get her MS in Environmental Studies at the College of Charleston. The University of Minnesota was where she completed her doctoral studies in conservation biology.

The Intersection of Conservation and Human Well-Being

Sisson investigates the relationship between environmental protection and human happiness. She thinks that the effectiveness of conservation activities is intrinsically linked to the prosperity of local communities, and that conservation initiatives must take into account the social and economic aspects that impact local populations. She is trying to figure out how to improve conservation efforts while also boosting people’s happiness.

Community-Based Conservation

Sisson has made community conservation one of his primary research interests. She thinks conservation is most effective when locals are involved and get the benefits. She studies the economic and social elements that influence local conservation efforts in order to better engage and empower locals in these endeavors.

Conservation and Livelihoods

Sisson is also interested in the link between environmental protection and economic security. She thinks conservation efforts should think about how they will affect local economies, because doing so can help local communities. She studies the role of the economy in conservation initiatives and tries to improve both conservation and economic conditions.

Conservation and Health

Sisson is also curious about the link between environmental protection and personal well-being. She thinks the potential benefits to human health from conservation activities are underappreciated. She is researching the effects conservation has on health and working to enhance both areas simultaneously.


Miranda sissons efforts to improve both the environment and people’s quality of life are invaluable. Sisson is working to make the world a better, more equitable place by studying the economic and social aspects that affect conservation efforts and creating policies that benefit both the environment and people.

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