Techcrunch  Crowdbotics: Revolutionizing Software Development with Crowdsourcing

techcrunch crowdbotics


Crowdsourcing has been around for a while, and it has grown in popularity as a tool for businesses to outsource work to a wider audience. One such platform is Crowdbotics, which provides companies with access to a worldwide community of programmers for the purposes of creating and managing software products. This essay will discuss how Techcrunch Crowdbotics is changing the software development industry for the better.

The Benefits of Crowdbotics

Among the many advantages Crowdbotics may provide for businesses are:

  1. Access to a large pool of talent: Crowdbotics is a platform that links companies with a community of expert programmers all over the world. Because of this, companies may hire a wider range of qualified individuals, regardless of where they may be located.
  2. Cost-effective: To avoid the high costs of employing and managing an in-house software development team, organizations can now outsource their requirements to Crowdbotics.
  3. Fast turnaround: Crowdbotics’ vast pool of developers is ready to get to work on your project right away, speeding up the process of creating and releasing your product.

How Crowdbotics Works

Crowdbotics helps businesses since it serves as a hub for the development and administration of custom software. The software creation procedure is automated using a mix of machine learning and human knowledge on the platform. What happens is this:

  1. Project Brief: The first step in the software development process is for businesses to submit a project brief detailing their requirements.
  2. Developer Matching: To find the most qualified programmers in its network to work on a given project, Crowdbotics use machine learning algorithms.
  3.  Development: Once developers have been chosen, work can begin on the project, with Crowdbotics providing the necessary resources to ensure a smooth build.
  4. Testing and Launch: Following the development, Crowdbotics performs extensive testing to guarantee the software is up to snuff before releasing it to the public.

Success Stories

Numerous companies have benefited from Crowdbotics’ assistance with their software development needs. Here are a few examples of triumph:

  1. Canopy: Using Crowdbotics, Canopy created an AI-driven chatbot to assist patients with their mental health concerns. Positive interactions with the chatbot have been reported by more than 85% of users.
  2. Pley: Crowdbotics was utilized to create a smartphone app that lets customers of the toy rental service Pley search for and reserve toys. Pley’s user base has increased thanks to the app’s popularity (over 100,000 downloads).


By connecting companies with programmers all across the world, Crowdbotics is changing the way software is made. The platform is efficient, saves money, and lets companies focus on what they do best while outsourcing software development. Proof positive that Crowdbotics will continue to aid businesses in meeting their software development objectives can be found in the company’s many case studies.

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