Tracey Travis: A Trailblazing Leader in Finance and Strategic Planning

Tracey Travis

Tracey Travis is a visionary leader in the business world who has made important contributions in the fields of finance and strategic planning. Travis has been an integral part of The Estée Lauder Companies’ expansion and success as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Travis’ Early Life and Education

Tracey Travis grew raised in New Jersey after being born in New York. She completed her undergraduate studies in economics at Wellesley College before moving on to the University of Pittsburgh for her MBA. Travis’ childhood and schooling instilled in her the work ethic she has maintained throughout her professional life.

Travis’ Career Journey

Travis began her career in finance at General Motors, where she worked for eleven years. She then spent more than a decade with PepsiCo, rising through the ranks to become chief financial officer (CFO) of PepsiCo Beverages and Foods North America. Travis has been the chief financial officer of The Estée Lauder Companies since 2012.

Travis’s leadership as CFO of The Estée Lauder Companies has been crucial to the company’s financial growth and profitability. She has managed the rollout of various important initiatives, including cost-cutting measures, which have yielded substantial savings for the business. She has overseen the company’s foray into new areas and its use of digital technologies to better serve its clientele.

Travis’ Achievements

Many people have recognized Travis for the success she has had in business. Fortune Magazine recognized her as one of the “50 Most Powerful Women in Business” in 2018. She was named one of the “100 Most Influential Leaders in Corporate Governance” by the National Association of Corporate Directors in 2019. In 2019, she received the “Corporate Leadership Award” from the Women’s Forum of New York.

Travis’ Leadership Style

Travis is a great leader because she knows how to get the best out of her employees. She is well-liked because of her cooperative nature and her openness to new ideas. Her strategic vision and her capacity to foresee trends and difficulties have earned her widespread renown. Her employees say she is a leader who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Travis’ Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion

Travis actively promotes an environment where all employees are valued and respected. She has taken the lead in promoting these ideals and has launched various programs to make The Estée Lauder Companies a more welcoming place for people of all backgrounds. A diversity and inclusion committee has been formed, unconscious bias training has been introduced, and a mentorship program for women and people of color has been developed as part of these efforts.

Travis’ Advice for Future Leaders

Travis’s dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm have propelled her to the top of the business world. For aspiring leaders, she has these words of wisdom:

1.Create an objective for your professional life and utilize that to guide your actions.

2.Take chances and welcome novel experiences.

3.Connect deeply with your coworkers and team members.

4.Invest in your future success by taking on new challenges and expanding your knowledge.

5.Maintain a focus on your principles and the significance of honesty at all times.


Tracey Travis is a phenomenal business leader who has accomplished a great deal. Her leadership at The Estée Lauder Companies has been exemplary, and she deserves much credit for the company’s success. Travis is a role model for other leaders due to her dedication to diversity and inclusion, and her counsel to aspiring leaders is sound and insightful. Anyone may learn a lot from her example.

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